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Comcast Ups Its Game with LSW’s Monitor Wall

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The Comcast Digital Care team wanted to highlight the power of social and, more importantly, give full visibility to their organization on what customers were saying on social. Already armed with a Lithium-powered Community and Lithium Social Web (LSW), they advanced their digital platform one step further by trialing LSW’s Monitor Wall to offer the organization increased visibility into real-time, actionable customer data.


The results of the Monitor Wall trial were impressive. With more than 100k posts coming through the Monitor Wall on a monthly basis, Comcast was able to identify and resolve over 50 customer-impacting events, all a result of the Monitor Wall. The impact internally was clearly a success with 30 SVPs/VPs actively using the Monitor Wall at Comcast.


Get more details on their successful trial here


Want more? See how we recently used the Monitor Wall to track real-time social activity for #JonVoyage here.


And to see more customer success stories, check out our 2015 Customer Success eBook.


Occasional Contributor JuanDavid
Occasional Contributor

Hi @LeslieJ


When selecting a date range in Lithium to export reports into excel, the information is downloading with a day extra


Can you please check it?







Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hey @JuanDavid, please open a support ticket and include the report you are trying to download and the dates you are selecting, and they can investigate what is happening.