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Don’t miss the bus! Join us for a webcast on digital imperatives

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Like you heard us say at LiNC ’16, Total Community has ignited a social revolution. Literally.  Every day, we strategize on how we can make our brands better in today’s digital + social world and work to make our Total Community strategies stronger for what’s next.


What we once thought were digital “boundaries” have now been exceeded; what we once considered “company-collateral” now metamorphoses into powerful stories that must be shared far and wide; what we once deemed a customer blunder in business is now a necessity to improve products.


In our webcast on August 30th, Dave and Joe will guide you through the six “starts” and three “stops” of Total Community in 2016. You’ll take away invaluable advice for enhancing your Total Community strategy, find out what’s holding you back, and learn what you need to know to move ahead of the competition in the months and years

to come.


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Here’s just a bit of what you can expect from this webcast:



The company should post as many blogs as we can this week to gain visibility.

Wrong. All of this valuable content is pushed out, then enters a ghostland, and resides on the web untouched, FOREVER! Create social campaigns around your content so it reaches its full potential.  





15992699.jpgBrands should engage with customers in one-off scenarios to answer their requests.

Wrong. Utilize a customer experience as a storytelling mechanism. When your customers see you are continually engaged, they will likely come back to you knowing you are trustworthy.  





15992699.jpgOur social media manager is solely in charge of social content publishing.

Wrong. C-level, execs, all departments, customers should partake in the campaigning of your social, communal, and brand efforts. Give everyone the resources and visibility they need to be a catalyst.



I just scraped the tip of the iceberg; I’ll leave it to our experts to put the pedal to the metal.  


Joe Cothrel, Lithium’s Chief Community Officer (@JoeC) and Dave Evans, Lithium’s VP, Social Strategy (@DaveEv) will divulge the checklist of red lights and green lights you should be considering when assessing and perhaps revamping your Total Community strategy.


Again, reserve your spot here! Take a seat as Joe and Dave navigate us through today’s social and digital “musts.”


See you on the 30th!

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