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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

695iF135896DA4EDAF49Lyle Fong is Chief Strategist and Co-Founder of Lithium Technologies. Prior to starting Lithium Technologies, Lyle co-founded GX Media, where he was the CTO. He drove the development of, which was rated the #1 independent gaming portal by Nielsen NetRatings. On the Lithosphere he is LyleF




We just had our 10 year anniversary at Lithium--what an incredible milestone! When we started this company 10 years ago, we were a group of friends who had a passion for gaming.  We played against each other, in tournaments, for fun, for Ferraris.  We loved gaming and we wanted to find a way to connect with other people who also loved games.


There was no Facebook.  There was no Twitter.  There was no social media. Yet, when we connected with each other, our passion grew, right along with people we'd never met. The impact was exponential.


It was this engagement that evolved into what Lithium has become today – a place where the world’s best brands are getting closer to their customers and generating true value.  We started with passion for something we loved but never could have imagined that we were to be part of a tidal wave that will forever change the way consumers engage with their brands. 


In the past 10 years, there have been so many incredible milestones. We have completed new acquisitions, opened new offices, expanded into Europe and surpassed aggressive revenue targets. When I look around the office today, I see awards, big brand name customers, and acknowledgment from industry analysts. I see a vibrant home of Nation Builders who breathe their own life into Lithium.  


But I am most proud of our customers, many of whom have fought against engrained traditions and naysayers to do something they truly believe in. And as a result of their heroic efforts, they have helped usher their companies into a new era where consumers can be a part of the company.  


Looking ahead, I'm amazed at what has formed around Lithium.  Our group of friends – me and the other co-founders--are now part of an industry that is $625 million and estimated to be $1 billion in 2012.  Clearly, we've come very far and have a lot to be proud of. But great companies do not rest. This is not a time to coast.  This is the time to accelerate.  


And so that brings me to yet another major milestone for Lithium. 


photo.JPGMeet Rob Tarkoff. He's our new CEO, coming to us from Adobe, where he ran a $1 billion business unit, roughly the same size as the market we intend to lead.  


Many in the industry have hailed Rob as one of the greatest leaders of tomorrow, and I’m so proud that he chose Lithium for his new home. His experience and expertise hit all of our sweet spots – enterprise, social, digital and customer experience.  Our goal for the next phase of our company history is to manage hyper growth with true operational excellence. There’s no question that Rob is exactly the right guy to take us from being a leader to the leader in social. 


I am honored to pass the baton to Rob.  I'm humbled to have him lead our team.


There's no doubt that Lithium is embedded in my soul.  I will always anchor our values, our product direction, and our commitment to our customers’ success.  My role will surely evolve, as will the rest of Lithium.  We have big plans ahead of us, starting right now.   


It has been an amazing 10 years and the best part is that this is only the beginning.


--Updated Aug 23--


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Mike Walsh
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Congrats Lyle - congrats Rob. Here's to continued success!



Jonathan Chang
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Nice write-up, Lyle.  Looking forward to hearing about all the success!