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Community Training Videos: Posting and Engaging

Community Training Videos: Posting and Engaging

Creating your first post

In this video, we’ll show you how to post, which is an essential way to engage in the Khoros Community 

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  1. To create your first post, sign in to and go to the board where you want to post.
  2. Look for the Post button such as, “Create New Post”  and click it. The text of the post button differs slightly based on the type of board you are on. 
  3. The message editor opens where you can enter your content. Type in your subject and body text. You can add images, videos, or attachments if necessary. 
  4. If your post is about a Khoros Product, add an “Associated Project” by typing in the text box. 
  5. Add any necessary labels, product associations, and message tags.
  6. We recommend you select “Email me when someone replies” to stay updated on replies to your post. 
  7. Click “Post”. 

We look forward to reading your first community post! 


Reward and engage with community members 

There other ways you can engage with content in the community other than replying to a post. You can give kudos, mark a reply as an accepted solution, and mention users. 

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    1. Kudos are a way for you to give approval to content you like. To kudo a post, scroll to the bottom of the post and click the Kudo (thumb’s up) button. 
    2. Next we’ll talk about Accepted Solutions. If you post a question in a forum and another member replies with an answer, you can mark that reply as an “Accepted Solution.”
    3. After a solution is accepted, the original message is marked as “Solved”. 
    4. Finally, you can engage in the community by mentioning other members. If you come across a question or message in the community and know another member who might have the answer or valuable insights to share, you can mention that person in your reply or post by typing the @ symbol and typing their username. 
    5. Members who are mentioned are notified and can then easily visit the post they were mentioned in and reply. 

These features not only make our community more engaging, but also rewards members for their contributions. 

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