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Guide to the Khoros Community

Guide to the Khoros Community

Welcome to the Khoros Community! This is the place to learn and connect with digital pioneers and social business experts from around the industry - plus you'll find a wealth of resources and knowledge to get the most out of the Khoros Community platform. We know so much information can be overwhelming - we hope this guide will help you find the content you're looking for, and clarify where you should post your questions.

Before posting, please make sure you:

  • Review our Community Guidelines
  • Search the community to see if your question has already been answered, or if there's already an ongoing discussion in which you could participate.

Khoros Community

    • Community Docs - Get acquainted with Khoros Community products, figure out what to do first, get step-by-step instructions for common tasks, and learn about key concepts and best practices.
    • Community Release Notes - Learn about the newest features for Khoros Communities.
    • Community Blog- Your hub for analytics, tips, product features, and customer success stories for Khoros Communities.
    • Khoros Community Discussions - Curious about our platform? Looking to connect on social technology? You've come to the right place!

Social Media Management

  • SMM Docs - Get acquainted with the Khoros SMM product, figure out what to do first, get step-by-step instructions for common tasks, and learn about key concepts and best practices.
  • SMM Release Notes - Learn about the newest features for Khoros Social Media Management.
  • SMM Blog - Home to best practices, success stories, and product roll-outs for Khoros Social Media Management.
  • SMM Discussions - This is the board to discuss Social Publishing and Social Response, or broader social marketing or social care strategies. Interact with your peers and the Khoros team here, whether you're using Khoros SMM or another platform.


Looking for help? Visit the Support Center for quick solutions to your pressing technical issues, or contact Support.

Browse the Best Practice Center for inspiration on maximizing the value you get out of Khoros platform.

Looking for Training & Certifications? With Campus access, you can watch video tutorials to learn how to configure and manage our products and how to customize and extend the platform. View them any time, learn at your own pace, and track your progress for each course.

Developer Network

There's a wealth of information available here on developing for the Khoros platform. See our Developer Documentation Portal. Read our Developer's Knowledge Base for additional information. Or join the Developer Discussion if you have any questions about customizations, API, or best practices.



Exclusive areas

Some areas of our community are exclusive to registered customers and partners.

Click here to find out if you have the permissions to access the Khoros Community and how to submit your access requests.

If you still aren't sure where to post:

  • Try your best to find the most relevant forum or idea exchange. We've listed the most popular discussion areas as well as latest additions above to help guide you.
  • Our team will make sure content ends up in the most appropriate location if necessary, and is of course always available to answer any questions you might have. Look for us online, or direct your questions or concerns to

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this guide, don't hesitate to leave us comments below.

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It hurts my eyes!!!


I still wish more forums were public 😉





If you want to have access to more areas of the community, you need to have the purpose to access to more conversations. For exemple, here are a few ways to increase your access.

  1. you become so active and valuable that you become one of our trusted superusers, or
  2. you work for a company as a partner or
  3. you work for (or  you are a contractor for) one of our customers or
  4. you become a Lithium employee.


These are four ways from the top of my head...but there might be more..

How do I start a new thread!?


The website says 'ask the community' then I come here and there's nowhere to start a new thread!?

Am I being thick?! Where's the 'new topic' button gone!?

Hi @edholden sorry to hear you are having trouble posting threads. You can start a new thread by clicking the "New Message" text at the upper left of a forum page; it is located left of "Options", below the search box, and right above the first listed topic. Hopefully this helps.

I was invited by Lithium staffer JeffS to sent him a direct message on the system in regard to this thread.


I opened JeffS's profile


and looked for a place to send a message.  Didn't find it.


I went back to the forum and mousedover the gear-shaped settings icon on his post. Not there.


I found it by mousingover his icon in the thread.  "New Message"


Clicking that I was taken to a page that said I don't have sufficient permissin on this site to do that.  I could send an email to lithium or access this guide.


I remembered that there was an email I had received "Welcome to the Lithium Community" and wondered if I needed to verify my email.  Turns out I did.  


Note to Lithium:  When you send out an email requesting an action, the Subject should be "Action needed: Please verify your email address" (action oriented) rather than "Welcome to the community" (doesn't prompt user to open it and do something).


Verifying my email address did not fix this issue. 


So, here I am at your Guide page.  I used Find on Page to search for info about Messages.  Didn't find it.  So what exactly do I need to do?  

Hi @wittier, apologies about the inconvenience.


You should be able to PM other users now.


Have a great day!

Hi @wittier  thanks for the good feedback regarding the activation email. We'll look at tweaking title and messaging so it is clear that the email address will need to be verified to gain full access to community features. I understand the team is already in touch about your inability to send private messages which should be resolved now. Don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.


 Thank you @JulieH and @KennethS  for the follow up. 



Is Lithium some kind of support platform like Jive?  I'm having some flashbacks.  Not as bad as Jive but there are similarities in my experience, documented above.  

Lithium, please note:  


When creating the posts here that had straight URLs pasted in for your reference so that you could see the tweets and posts I was referring to, Lithium gave me the following warning when I tried to Post Your Comment.  



Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied


Now I was just posting the URLs of tweets and posts in this site.  I know of no other HTML in my posts.  I didn't use any of the text formatting options on your site.  I only used the default "RICH TEXT" entry box to make my posts.


If your machines need to make some kind of adjustments to the URLs, just do it.  I don't need a warning in red just because I'm trying to document what's going on with simple pasted URLs.    This warning is just another step.  It's overly complex. It added no value to my experience.  I have no idea what HTML your site recognized and "corrected" for me.  It's not useful to me or to you.   And I'm only noting it because it happened again to me when I documented the result of Klout getting back to me by email on the original thread where @JeffS was trying to help me.  (here: )





And I just got the same error again when trying to post this comment.  See image:



@wittier, the error you saw was referring to the http/domain part of the URL, which it does not like and strips it from the URL so that it becomes a relative community URL starting with /t5/... instead.   Perhaps a more subtle warning message would be better that the error, but that's all it was.


Thanks for that explanation

I have seen the same red HTML warning just for using text formatting

Or for using links that aren't from the community

 i just triggered it again with the same .

Dear Lithium team,


I'm new to this forum and can't send private messages to any member. (I was triying to contact a lithium customer agent).


Regarding this purpose, do you know how long does it take to get the demo to start playing with? I have alredy requested it and I'm dying to try it out...


Thanks in advance, best regards.



Hi @cmvecino, you should be able to send private messages now.

Hi @KennethS, thank you!

I am not able to read release notes of Lithium 😞

Hi @keshavkelkar


You should contact Community Help department (via regarding access on Community.

Hi Team!

Are there any short videos describing how to use the community?


Every link in the above post gives me a large red "Access Denied" message.  I have received and responded to the email asking me to verify my email address.

How is this supposed to work?  I just want to read documentation on the Lithium Community we have implemented.  There doesn't seem to be any help in the application itself.

Hi @TonyGrayCanada

My apologies for any inconvenience, however we are able to grant the necessary permissions only after the user has verified the registered e-mail address, otherwise, a few of community features may not work for the user.

After the e-mail has been verified, please reply back to Community Help and we'll grant the access.


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