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Meet the Community Team

Meet the Community Team

There’s an amazing team working on the front lines and behind the scenes of the Khoros Community to provide its members with all the tools and solutions they need to be successful. You can find out more about some of the core team members below.

There are many more who actively assist on the community on a day to day basis, and we'll be adding to this list over time. Feel free to reach out to any of them any time you have questions, suggestions or just want to say hi!



Director of Information Experience 

His teams are responsible for your experience of the Khoros Community, for our product documentation, and for much of the information you see within our applications. Our mission is to make sure that you can connect to the content, conversation, and people you need, wherever you are in our digital ecosystem. If there’s anything we can do to improve your experience of our information, feel free to message him here.



Senior Community Manager

When he first joined Khoros in 2008, he was the first person not based in North America working with the company (he is based in Edinburgh, UK).

In his spare time he is a gamer, reader, sports fan and (when not injured) enjoys squash, cycling, climbing and hiking.



Community Program Manager

Lisa is passionate about customer service in all its forms and has worked in just about all the different avenues. She loves helping people and cultivating a positive user experience no matter who the users are. 

She also likes video games, movies, comics, books, and obscure references to random TV shows. When she's not inside geeking out to one of the above things she loves cooking, camping, hiking, traveling, and live music.



VP, Global Support Services

Customer's are the reason that he's here - he loves hearing from people on the good as well as the bad so we can improve your experience. Outside of work, he spends time with his family (wife & 18 year old), plays video games and enjoys volleyball (beach or indoor) although he hasn't played since tearing his ACL.



Team Lead, Post-Project Services

Kathy comes from Texas, where she lives the nice, quiet rural life by herself.  She started with Khoros five years ago and couldn't imagine ever working for another company.  After starting as a moderator, she's worked her way up to Team Lead, a job she loves as she's been involved in such positions since the internet was a thing, working for various gaming forums and companies before joining Khoros.

In her spare time she loves any kind of crafting, and has a serious yarn addiction (she promises, just a few more skeins...).  She also loves movies, especially sci-fi and superhero, and is proud to be a Marvel fangirl (although there is a bit of room for DC in there too ha!).



Moderator & Administrator

Andris comes from a small and maybe not so well known Baltic country, and so far seems to be the only person in the team who speaks Latvian. Having experience as a volunteer administrator at some game communities, he joined Khoros in December 2015 as a moderator and can't imagine any better job to do for a living! 

In his spare time, he loves to play games, ride a bicycle and and travel - wherever the network connection exists.



Moderator & Administrator

Valeria comes from a small city in the South of Italy, but lived abroad for the last 12 years, spending some years in Spain, Greece, and finally landing in the USA. Joined Khoros in 2013 as a moderator for several communities, new addition to the Khoros Community Team.

She loves traveling, learning new languages, literature and animals (especially cats).



Technical Support Team Lead EMEA

Steven first started working for Khoros as a Community Moderator back in 2013 and moved on into a support role in 2016. Since then he hasn't been afraid to get his hands dirty with anything the customer requests. He's currently a Team Lead for the EMEA support team and he loves his position. The best part of his day is working with great customers and awesome members of the team! In Steven's spare time he like to watch movies (main aim is to not fall asleep after 5 minutes) and spend time with his family (wife and 3 children) and explore in the English countryside.


Doc Dude

John has been in the documentation and content strategy game for over 20 years, since WYSIWYG was a new buzzword. But that's just his day job. He's lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all his life, have been married for 24 years, and has 3 sons. 

He is also a huge music fan (with a CD rack with over 2000 CDs and a huge digital library of awesome, rare bootlegs). In his free time he attends A LOT of concerts. He's also a bit of an amateur chef, often baking homemade cookies, waffles, and other treats for the office.



Senior Tech Writer

Suzie has been at Khoros since May 2013. She focuses on the developer documentation across our platform, as well as Studio documentation. You'll find her logged in on the Developer Network on most days helping troubleshoot and guide community members to the information they need.

She is a Bay Area native, and spent a few years up in Eugene, Oregon. If you ask her, she'll tell you that being outdoors, climbing on rocks, and yoga make life worth living.



Community Manager 

Jamila became a Community Manager for Khoros in May 2019. She has a background in social media and enjoys building and nurturing communities. She also loves watching anime, going to the beach, reading comics, doting over her two cats.


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