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Reporting Spam on the Lithium Community

Reporting Spam on the Lithium Community

No one likes spammers, including the Lithium Community team! Here are some methods for reporting spam on our community.


Spam in Private Messages: Did you receive a suspicious Private Message from another user? To report this issue to our team, click on the Report link you can find at the bottom of the message, and we'll handle the abuse as soon as possible. Please include the username and content of the message you received.


You can also reach out via Private Message—AndyK or NicoleC will be happy to help!


Spam in Posts: If you spot a forum post, question, or blog comment that appears to be spam, please flag it to the Lithium Community team by clicking the "Report Inappropriate Content" link, that you can find in the message Options menu.




Thanks for your help in keeping the Lithium Community spam free!



If you are looking for information on how to handle spam on your own community, we recommend that you read our Tips on combatting spam and check out our documentation on the new spam management tools.


Please note you'll need to be a customer or partner to view these articles - Request Access


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Oh goody, do you normally have a Spam problem? Nice article 🙂

Hi I can't access the SPAM overview link - it says I do not have permissions. Please help

Hi sp3ctr4l,  the spam overview and other documentation require customer or partner access to view. To request access, please email us and include your full name and company and we'll help get you sorted.





@JohnD  Can you customize the text "Report inappropriate content" to say something different?  


We are looking to our users to help identify and flag old or inaccurate content....this feature is great but we would like to replace the word "inappropriate".






@carnould - Yes, you can edit this text string in Studio. Just go to the Text Editor and search for the string you want to change. There you can change it to whatever you want it to say.



Learn more about editing default text keys here.

Could not like the comment so "That is perfect - thank you!!"



Hi team! I've noticed a strange UI thing with the new Khoros theme which made it difficult for me to report spam - the "options / three-dot" menu doesn't appear until you actually hover over the post in question. This is super confusing and makes it even harder to know how to report spam.

See little movie that hopefully explains what I mean.



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