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4 Reasons Why Every B2B Brand Should Have an Online Community

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



“Communities have really given us the opportunity to surprise and delight - not only our customers, but future customers as well,” said Infoblox’s Head of Social Media & Communities Eric Stieg during a Lithium webcast.  


The webcast also featured Aberdeen Group’s CX Research Director, Omer Minkara and focused on a new Aberdeen Group research report that found B2B/high-tech firms that build and manage online communities attain superior results in creating happy customers, reducing service costs and driving revenue growth (download the full paper here). 


Both Omer and Eric provided four key learnings B2B brands should consider to improve their digital customer experience and how they can maximize their online community performance:


1. An online community is not a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s a ‘must-have’ for high-tech firms looking to build closer bonds with customers.

2. Don’t just deploy a community platform. Give buyers good reasons to join and contribute to your community.

3. Make your digital community about your customers, not your brand. Incentivize customers to become active users.

4. Use your online community platform to drive business growth while also reducing costs.


Plus, here are real data points that showcases why B2B/high-tech brands can improve their overall customer experience with an online community:


· Roughly 50 percent of high-tech firms currently have online community platforms and many more are planning to invest

· 96% of high-tech firms invest in communities to improve customer experience results and consistency

· High-tech firms with an online community platform achieve 54% greater annual growth in revenue

· Savvy high-tech organizations enjoy 3.1 times greater customer satisfaction rate

· 37% of self-service interactions are resolved without live agent contact within high-tech companies with online communities


Still not enough to convince you? Check out the full webcast and slides below:



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Occasional Commentator

Hi there - how can I download the slides you guys went through? thanks

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @nspecht do you see the PPT link towards the bottom of this blog post? These are the slides from the webcast. Let me know if you have an issue downloading!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

We had a good number of questions that came through during the webcast which we didn't have time to address, so I will use this blog to circle back on some of those questions. This one goes to Eric at Infoblox.  Eric - Does Infoblox also have a knowledge base? If so, how is this integrated with your community?

Occasional Advisor

Great question Denise, I recall this question coming in but not having time to discuss.  At Infoblox, we are not currently using the KB module from Lithium.  Our Infoblox TSE's and other subject matter experts develop knowledge base articles, which are then posted on our community site for our customers.  These have been a huge hit.  In fact, they are among the most popular content on the site.


We specifically decided to post KB articles as blog posts (using Lithium's platform).  This has also really increased our page referrals and visits from Google and other search engines, as the blog platform on Lithium "auto-alerts" Google to index new content.


Using Lithium's toolset would allow for versioning control, so we have taken that workflow as a manual process.  Let me know if this helps!