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Announcing Lithium Premium Gamification with Lithium Badges!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Have you ever wondered what motivates someone to share something? I know I’m delighted if I’m greeted when I walk into a favorite restaurant…and in turn, I’m much more likely to give them positive reviews. When it comes to your community, what motivates a new visitor to comment on a post, or give someone a kudo? Many times, motivation comes from a simple acknowledgment (“nice job!”), although motivation can also be reinforced through progression towards a particular achievement (“congratulations on achieving your new rank!”).


People are motivated by all sorts of rewards, and gamification uses familiar gaming dynamics and rewards (leaderboards, badges, points) to help reward and acknowledge actions that your members take within your community. As Michael Wu has discussed, motivation incentives and the spectrum of gamification run from short-term rewards (earned over a period of days or weeks) to long-term reputation (often earned/acquired over a period of years). And gamification provides more than a superficial reward - according to Aberdeen, organizations with gamification in place increase the level of engagement by 48% (this compares to 28% who do not have gamification in place). By providing recognition to new and casual members:


  • you can enlist more customers to become active community contributors - even superfans  
  • your customers benefit from a more responsive and rewarding community experience, and the resulting boost in content and traffic helps you to achieve your business goals

badges earned.PNG

Today we’re announcing the release of Lithium Premium Gamification, which includes Lithium Badges as its first feature. This exciting new release builds on Lithium’s years of experience with the science of social and gamification to help you deliver greater engagement for your largest audience: new and occasional community members. Lithium Badges are a visual, short-term reward for completing an action, and are unique in that they’re natively integrated within the community - by using them, you can offer users special privileges within the community. They can be associated to specific roles so members who earn them can also get new permissions within the community (e.g., earn access to special groups, get a special avatar), which helps bestow social value that drives greater engagement with your community. In addition, Lithium Badges work out of the box with your existing data, community features, and user roles without any additional coding or learning new tools.


With Lithium Premium Gamification, we’re also delivering on the vision of Science + Practice + Product, by including a strategic Premium Gamification workshop - led by our strategic services team - which is designed to help you scope and plan a deployment of Lithium Badges.  


You can see examples of Lithium Badges within the Lithium community, the Lithosphere:


And by participating in the Lithosphere today – giving a kudo, posting or answering a question – you’ll be entitled to get your own special badge commemorating the launch and Valentine’s Day!




So go collect a heart, and let us hear how you engage and enlist your customers with Lithium Premium Gamification!

About the Author
Diana Helander is Senior Director, Product Marketing at Lithium Diana has worked in the technology industry for 20 years. Prior to Lithium, she has held marketing positions at Adobe, Autodesk, and various technology startups. She’s also chaired ISO standards development committees and has held several board positions at not-for-profit organizations.
Honored Contributor


Khoros Staff

What an exciting release!

Khoros Guru

This is the (loving) badge that nobody should ever miss !!! 

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Haha - even received some stickers in the office.

Now have to decide where to stick them - hehe :3

Khoros Staff

Great job, team.


Congrats to the Premium Gamification team!  Robot Happy


Badges is a very exciting feature; it's already creating a lot of conversations at my company about the possibilities.  We're looking forward to our strategy summit next month and anxiously anticipating a Q2 release to our Community.

Honored Contributor

Can't wait to see what you all did with your badges!

Khoros Staff

Very exciting!

Khoros Staff

I love the badges!  Can't wait to earn the Li Luv badge.  The Gamification team rocks!

Honored Contributor

Disappointed that badges is not seen as a fundamental component of the platform and is instead attracting another extra quarterly charge. I think it should be part of the core platform.