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Atlas Updates, January 2020

Community Manager


Below are the new features and changes made to Atlas in January. Comment below if you have any questions or feedback!



Group Hubs category in Configuring Community Features 

Khoros Kudos Awards 2020 Area 

Enabled content archival 

  • We have enabled the new feature content archival on Atlas. Members can see their own archived content by visiting their profile and clicking the dropdown menu “Topics I’ve Participated In” and selecting “My Archived Contributions”. 

Upgraded Atlas to 19.12 

Alert for unverified email address 

  • Created a banner alert to help remind new members that they need to verify their email.

New author tag for the topic starter in a thread 

  • Added a new Author Tag to better highlight the topic starter/author, so respondents can easily tell if they are responding to the author or another discussion member. We’re working on getting the code to share in the dev doc portal. 
  • We’re interested in reading your feedback on whether you think the author tag should also appear on the first topic of the thread? 


Fixes & Updates

Fixed issue with blog scheduling components 

  • Fixed the issue where if you saved a blog as a draft and attempted to schedule the blog, the scheduling component at the bottom of the page was squashed and unusable. 

Updated follow text keys to say subscribe

  • Changed the text from Follow to Subscribe for consistency. 

Fixed image and text issue in Case Portal  

  • Resolved the issue where images and text spilled outside of the Case Portal description box.

Made solutions icons larger on the homepage 

  • The solutions icons on the homepage were too small so we enlarged them and made them clickable. 



Archived the Surveys TKB

  • We have archived the Survey TKB, which was in the Community Docs area, due to the feature being sunset. 
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Honored Contributor

Thanks for all of the great work!

Regarding the author tag - nope, I personally don't think it should show up on the first post in a thread. It only really makes sense as a way to point out that person AFTER the initial post. (Also, FWIW, I'd make it a little less bright and closer to the person's name, but I definitely like the idea!)

Community Manager

Appreciate your feedback, @CarolineS

Respected Contributor

+1  for what @CarolineS said 🙂