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Atlas Updates, November 2019

Community Manager

We will begin sharing monthly updates of new features and changes made to Atlas. Comment below if you have any questions or feedback! 



Fixes: Open/Close TKB category menu 

Fixed the issue where you can’t close the TKB category menus after you open them. 

Fixes: Fix side rail components on topic and blog article 

The side rail components for Topic and Blog article pages are now loading correctly. 



New: Upgrade to 19.10 

Upgraded Atlas to 19.10 on November 14th. 

New: Vanity URLs for Product Coaching and Atlas 

The following URLs are now available:


New: Created new TKB node for CRM integration  

New TKB was created for the CRM Integration within the Khoros Care category. 



Updates: Updated Case Portal field descriptions 

Updated the outdated Case Portal field descriptions. 

Updates: Updated outgoing email domain 

Updated outgoing email domain to



Archives: Archived JX customer ideas 

Archived the JX Ideas Exchange, for more information, read the latest post Why now? about JX migration.  

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