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Congratulations to June's Top Contributors!

Retired Community Manager

Along with the buzz of LiNC '16, we had a lot of exciting activity here in the community! June was a busy month, and we'd like to take a look back and thank our top contributors from the month.

Kudos and congratulations to @Wendy_S, @JasonHill and @Fellsteruk! Wendy led the pack with 70 kudos, and was able to help another user with this question about training. Jason was also quick to assist on a metrics-related question, and Stephen jumped in to help another user on integrating a Twitter feed.  As we had the chance to recognize our Stars at LiNC in June, we want to thank these Stars in particular for shining on the community.


And speaking of LiNC, we wanted to highlight the winning Hackathon entry. Check out this post and congrats again to The Bridge (@amytrice, @jlinster, @Keeeyyyaaaiii, @sakkaoui).

About the Author
Community Manager at Lithium Technologies, previously known as jchen.
Honored Contributor
Congratulations! I enjoy spending my time helping others in the community. But I love learning from the other great minds here.

And Hackaton winners, U Awesome!! Felicitations! Congrats....


Honored Contributor

Awesome work @Wendy_S and @Fellsteruk. Another great month here in the Lithium community. 



Trusted Contributor

Congratulations @Wendy_S @JasonHill @Fellsteruk


Great job!!!