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Congratulations to November's Top Contributors

Khoros Guru

November has brought us many wonderful things, not just thanks from some of our US folk, but also improvements to the Lithium Commumity. Of course, nothing helps improve our community more than its contributions.


This month we'd like to thank fellsteruk for a lot of well received blog comments, tim_h for helping out users around the community, and jchen, for useful answers in the Support board.





Thank you to everyone, and see you around the turn of the New Year!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@Fellsteruk has been on fire!! A true star!

Honored Contributor

Whoop whoop, love to see my name in lights, closest I'll get to being famous 🙂 Always a pleasure to be around the community, share with and help others 🙂 


Well done to @jchen  &  @Tim_h  , keep up the great work 🙂

Retired Community Manager

We love it too @Fellsteruk ! Great to see the Lithium Stars leading the way, congrats to the 3 of you and thanks for keeping the great discussions going!

Honored Contributor

I echo @Fellsteruk 's sentiments. I love being famous, especially Lithium-famous.


Congrats to @Fellsteruk and @Tim_h as well!

Honored Contributor

Hey @jchen wait till your lithium interview video comes out, you'll have a couple under your belt then 🙂 and be truly lithium famous 🙂 @julieh do you know when they will be shared 🙂 

Honored Contributor

@Fellsteruk are there different tiers of Lithium fame? I have a LiNC '14 video. And some raps. 

Honored Contributor

Oh wow, I got my name in lights next to @Fellsteruk and @jchen . This is better than the day I got two hamburgers in one bag 😄


Thanks so much!


Congrats to you guys, very well deserved.

Honored Contributor

@Tim_hyou sure know how to boost my ego.


Being part of the Lithosphere is just one huge ego boost, haha.

Honored Contributor

Congratulations @Fellsteruk @Tim_h @jchen - Great going guys, keep it up and keep rocking!

Retired Community Manager

@Fellsteruk we're still working through the video editing, but I should have an update for you mid next week - stay tuned!