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Congratulations to our March Top Contributors!

Retired Community Manager

Every month this year seems to have flown by, and it's hard to believe it's April already! April began with a whole bunch of April Fools' pranks (my personal favorite was this one by the Golden State Warriors). But it also gave us the opportunity to look back at March and recognize our top contributors from the month!



@Claudius absolutely rocked it this month with a whopping 112 kudos. Claudius is an absolute Rockstar in the community, and we wanted to take this time to congratulate him and his team on launching their responsive community! @JasonHill, a fellow Rockstar, was also helpful on the community, particularly on the Support Forum. To round things up, @VarunGrazitti was particularly helpful on the Developers Discussion board last month.


For the month of March, this post was especially  inspiring as both Claudius and Jason chimed in to help @Samantha_O. Talk about the power of community and teamwork Smiley Happy


Congratulations again to our top contributors!

Honored Contributor

Congrats @JasonHill and @VarunGrazitti

Thanks for the kind words, @JennC - Our responsive UI re-launch is an interesting ride. Looking forward to LiNC to share learnings.

Honored Contributor

Congratulations @Claudius and @JasonHill. Thank you @JennC, looking forward to meet every one at LiNC

Honored Contributor

Huge number @Claudius! Thanks for all the wisdom you share and for your great work with responsive. Very inspiring stuff.


Well done also to @VarunGrazitti and all the other recent contributors to the community. Always more to learn around here!



Honored Contributor

I bow to these guys.

@Claudius You've been on a roll!! Amazing!

Honored Contributor

Congrats Guys 🙂 

Trusted Contributor

Well done guys! Really looking forward to @Claudius presentation on May 5th 🙂