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LiNC'14 ... Save the Date!

Retired Community Manager




start the party

We have consolidated all LiNC related areas of the community into one great category -- new home to the Lithys, and our new LiNC'14 public event group where you can share your excitement, ideas and comments.


Join the group to stay up to date on all new LiNC announcements, content & discussions before, during and after the event!


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Frequent Advisor

I hope Lithium has negotiated a great rate at the Fairmont that week! Hotel prices are particularly high even by SF standards.




Retired Community Manager

Hi @Dani indeed we have, but we're not quite ready to disclose just yet as we're still finalizing the details. 🙂 We'll share more when we are ready to launch the registration site, stay tuned. Looking forward to seeing you again in San Francisco!

Honored Contributor

Super excited for this! Any news yet on cost, or will that come later?

Retired Community Manager

Hi @jchen I know how you feel! Rates will be announced once the registration site is up. We'll share all the latest news in the event group, so you'll get notified as soon as the information is available. Cheers!