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Lithium Go! Day 5 Hint

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

katy teaser.png


@KatyK  is ready to take Community beyond the WWW and make it live!

Community is about making connections, sharing your expertise, and learning from others.

This avatar is hidden in a place where our members brainstorm how to bring Community to live events.



Here’s how you can play:

  1. Search through the Community blogs and forums to find our Chief Marketing Officer, Katy Keim– Just click on her avatar when you find it!
  2. When you catch Katy, you will receive a special Lithium Go! badge as well as access to an email through which you can ask her a question of your choice.




 If you catch ‘em all, you’ll also receive a special-edition ‘Winner’ badge at the end of the competition. The first 20 players who catch ‘em all will win access to a free Total Community workshop with @JeffreyS, one of the most popular sessions at LiNC 16.


See official rules here.


Good luck!


And congratulations to our Day 4 winners for finding @MikeW:
















August 22 August 23 August 24 August 25 August 26.png




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This one's tough! Or maybe I'm overthinking it.


Can we get a second hint? 😉

Honored Contributor


Honored Contributor

This one is definitely a step up in complexity.  There are several pieces of content that should be a direct hit based on location and subject, yet nada so far. 

Valued Contributor

I'm wondering if maybe Katy's avatar hasn't actually been hidden yet - the original announcement mentioned that each day the game would begin @ 9am (Pacific Time), which is still 3 hours away...

Okay, so it wasn't just me. If it's that it isn't live yet, well, there are worse things in life than that to waste time on. 🙂
Esteemed Contributor
It's out there. Keep looking, and don't forget to click through all pages 😉
Honored Contributor

Aha!  Julie is right!  (no surprise).


Got it! Thanks, @JulieHamel! It was not there when I was hunting overnight, though. I checked that spot. Multiple times lol. @Mark_Hopkins was right - there were spots it *should* be, and there it is.


Anyway, all's well that ends well, and I had the opportunity to scan over 100 topics in that particular board, which sparked some thinking and ideas, so not a loss.

Valued Contributor

Thanks all!  After poking around a bit (and not seeing anyone else post about finding Katy yet) I was starting to think perhaps it just hadn't been posted yet.  This one was indeed a bit more tricky to find compared to the other four...


so fun! I think I got them all. Now I just want to know how you did it.


Thanks for the contest. This was a great way for me to discover your community- you guys have a lot of content and I think I understand the structure a little more after so many searches and poking around. Good times.