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Lithium Go! Gotta Catch ’Em All

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Pokémon Go blew up overnight, setting gamers around the world on a hunt to ‘catch ’em all.’ It’s taken over social media, museums, gyms, restaurants – just about anywhere you can imagine.


But what exactly accounts for the sudden success of this game? Of course, Pokémon’s brand power first brought attention to the app, but it’s the gamification that has kept players hooked. Pokémon Go has validated the increasing popularity and demand for gamification for the everyday user.


Lithium Go from Lithium on Vimeo.


Starting on Monday, August 22 through Friday, August 26, we’re bringing our own game right here to the Lithium Community! Lithium Go! Gotta Catch ’Em All, is an online scavenger hunt in which your mission is to find the 5 Lithium Executives and Thought Leaders whom we’ve hidden all over our community.


How to play



  • We will release one avatar per day at 9AM PST August 22 - 26. 


  • Search through Lithium Community blogs and forums to earn badges and exclusive prizes – just click on the avatar when you find it! To access the external link, which leads to the rewards page, hover over the avatar and click the icon on the bottom left. Badges will be released the week of August 29, following the last day of competition.


  • If you catch ‘em all, you’ll also receive a special-edition ‘Winner’ badge after the end of the competition. We know our community is vast, so don’t worry, we’ll help you out with a hint every day. Just check back on our community for the Lithium Go! Blog of the Day.


  • In addition to badges, players will have the opportunity to ask each executive that they catch a question about their digital or social challenges.


  • The first 20 players who catch ‘em all will win access to a free Total Community workshop, based on one of the most popular sessions at LiNC 16. The Total Community Strategy Workshop webcast will provide practical digital and social media tips from our leaders in Strategic Services.


  • We will be releasing avatars in the following order: Rob Tarkoff (CEO and President), Sunil Rajasekar (CTO), Joe Cothrel (CCO), Dr. Michael Wu (Chief Data Scientist) and Katy Keim (CMO).


  • See official rules here.






Join us starting Monday, August 22 for Lithium Go! and experience why gamification is hot in today’s digital world.


See you online!


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Honored Contributor



Love this treasure hunt idea and have been wanting to do something similar for a while but didn't think it was currently possible.


Could you please expand on how you know which community users specifically have visited any particular page?


Many thanks,



Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@JasonHill The short answer is that you can track all of this with LSI under the "members" tab in "content"! It shows you specifically who accessed what pages. @AndyK and @KennethS are the wizards who came up with the tracking system specifically for Lithium Go, so many thanks to them!


I'd be happy to discuss in more detail once the competition's over but, for now, I don't want to spoil the magic TOO much 🙂 


Honored Contributor

Thanks @VikaM, have worked it out. I'm going to start my own community treasure hunt soon! Love it.

Honored Contributor

I'm really enjoying the hunt and find myself re-visiting and discovering content and areas on the Lithosphere that I hadn't visited for quite a while.


Once this hunt is finished it would be great if you could share how you set it up, your goals, pitfalls you encountered and obviously results. Would love to learn from your learnings.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

 @Claudius So glad to hear that! We'll do a recap blog early next week and I'd be happy to share my goals and lessons learned there 😄  

Honored Contributor

Like @Claudius I am very, very keen to hear about what you would do differently with the competition, and what the other learnings and outcomes were. 


Apologies again for badgering you @VikaM, I can understand you not wanting to give anything away before the week is over! It does seem like there's been a few hiccups with recognising whether people have found the page though. Eg yesterday I found Joe but I wasn't listed as one of the latest winners.


Thanks again,



Lithium Alumni (Retired)

No trouble at all, @JasonHill! We'll chat in more detail next week. 


In the meantime, we're looking into why you're not showing up as a winner yesterday - if you have a moment, try entering that page again.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

All badges have now been released! Thank you everyone for your participation and enthusiasm. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding badges. We will be officially congratulating winners and sharing some best practices in a blog tomorrow. 

Respected Contributor

Hey @VikaM! I noticed that I didn't receive the badge for finding Katy. Any idea why this would be?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

 Hi @StephenB, when we pulled the list of users who accessed Katy's custom page, your name didn't appear. We double-checked but the list in the blog today reflects everyone who came up in LSI.