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Media Experience: Learn How To Use Rich Media to Drive Engagement

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Visual content is hot and here to stay. In their everyday lives, your community members are not only using words to express their feelings and share their passion for their favorite brands, but are increasingly using images. So the more you can incorporate rich media into your community, the better. Lithium’s Media Experience enables communities to support rich media experiences for users. Here are 4 key ways incorporating rich media will help your community thrive:


1. Increase engagement and traffic. People are more likely to respond to visual content, which therefore will drive traffic to your community. By empowering people to upload and share images more easily, you can drive engagement and capture and facilitate a richer experience. Media Experience allows you to surface photos that users are sharing in the community and organize them on any page by portable widgets we call Photo Engagement Components, such as “top photo contributors,” “latest photos,” “latest photos per node,” “top kudoed photos,” “in this topic” and “my photos.” Media Experience also tracks media views in Lithium Social Intelligence, so you’ll be able to track the amount of engagement images are driving. 




2. Improve SEO. Well-tagged visual content can help improve your community’s SEO since it surfaces images in online searches.




3. Create a more visually engaging Community experience. The Masonry View in Media Experience elevates visual content, improving discovery and engagement and can be applied selectively to boards where visual content is central. The improved uploader function makes it incredibly simple to upload multiple photos at once, drag-and-drop files, reorder images and add captions. Lithium customer giffgaff uses this view in their community to help users find content that inspires them to respond and share.




4. Increase trust by allowing users to showcase brand/products. Pinterest has set the bar for visual content sharing and brands know that when customers share images of products in use in real life it has far more credibility than any paid ad. By emphasizing user-generated photo content in your community, you help users build trust with your brand. Media Experience includes a lightbox which lets users magnify the image they want and find similar images, further driving engagement.


See? Easy! And the rewards are great. The more engaging experience your community members have in your community, the more likely you are to experience community’s full value for your brand.



To learn how to turn this feature on in your community, please refer to the 15.10 release notes. 

Trusted Contributor

Great article @UlrikaH Thanks very much

Khoros Guru

May i add something here ? Yes ? Thanks Smiley Wink


Just want to mention, in addition to what @UlrikaH so well explained, that, what may look as a very simple component, let's say "Latest Images (in a node)" represents actually a brand new immersive way to discover content of interest.

Whatever it is the most fresh one, the most related to a topic one or the most beautiful one, clicking on a picture you like in such a component, will drive you to browse to other inspiring images using the Lightbox... and you'll see yourself deciding to enter a conversation through a picture, because of the visual experience,  because of something instantly inspirational, instead of a classic text-based search for some keywords.


Maybe it doesn't sound spectacular, but give it a try in your own community, your members will thank you ! Smiley Happy



Retired Community Manager

Well put, @ArnaudL! You definitely know about creating inspirational visual experiences Smiley Wink

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Great job @ArnaudDL