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#OnAirWithLithium: Meet the Community team

Retired Community Manager


There’s an amazing team working on the front lines and behind the scenes of the Lithium Community to provide its members with all the tools and solutions they need to be successful. 

Did you know the majority of our team members are scattered around the globe and work remotely?  



In honor of #CMAD this week, and because successful community management is rarely the work of just one person, we’re bringing part of our community team together to put them in the spotlight! Come hangout with the team to learn more about who they are, what they do and what they’re working on.  


Unfortunately, our Hangout video was deleted. We're looking to hold more sessions in the future, so stay tuned!




Joe Cothrel - Chief Community Officer

Julie Hamel - Global Community Manager

Andy Kaye - Team Lead, Moderation Services

Kenneth Squires Kavanagh - Community Moderator and Administrator

John Dowden - Documentation Guru

Javier Garcia – Customer Support Engineer and Technical Account Manager

Sahana Ullagaddi - Marketing Manager

Brian Oblinger - Strategy Consultant


Got questions for the team? Whether you're curious about their roles, how we manage the Lithium Community or even if you just want to say hi, we'd love to hear from you!  


Ask us anything via comments below or tweet us  during the event @LithiumTech using the hashtag #OnAirWithLithium




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And supporting the regions ! @JulieH 

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@HeyScottyJ You could always click the kudos button on @Fellsteruk's post. 😛

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Also, #teamlithosphere 🙂




Question: are superusers in communities fostered, or do they come in that way? In other words, do you find that users, with the right care and support become superusers, or are superusers just superusers from the get-go because of the community they are attracted to/participating in?

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@HeyScottyJ , lol. This from the guy who challenged me to write a rap for the Lithium Stars meeting...

@jchen And look at the great things that came from that! So. Thank you.
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@HeyScottyJ thank YOU! I love how Lithium Stars encourage/challenge each other to deliver awesome.

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Thank you guys for an amazing Hangout! Just rewatching the Hangout now. It was cool to learn that Sunil and John came from Intuit (where I work now!) I also really enjoyed hearing from each team member and all that you do, so a HUGE thank you to you all. 

Retired Community Manager

Thank you all for watching and for the excellent questions! We'll consolidate all of the ones that we did not get around to answering and will take the time to provide answers via the community or plan future hangouts around some of the popular themes. Stay tuned!!

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Thanks everyone was an interesting watch, was also good to get Tom now you guys an title more and some new faces for me 🙂 


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