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Preview our new mobile community

Retired Community Manager

Mobile v2.PNG


We’re excited to enable new mobile functionality within the Lithium community today.


Tune in to from your smartphone to preview the new mobile community.


This release should make it easier for you to navigate to forums and post/reply as well as add images from your phone. Recent posts are displayed in a feed view on the homepage and you can access all forums from the left side menu. You can now also view earned badges on the improved community profile. 


Keep in mind only forum discussions are  currently available. If you wish to view other discussion styles, switch to the Full Site from the side menu.


We hope you enjoy the new mobile experience! As we continue to add new features, we look forward to hearing your feedback.


We'll have more news and details to share next week at LiNC!




Valued Contributor

That's actually very cool! Any Apps planned for a near future from the mobile 2.0 ????



Honored Contributor

Loved seeing the preview at LiNC!