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Significant Updates to Atlas

Content Coordinator

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We have been hard at work transforming Atlas into a leading platform for customer engagement and success. The team is excited to roll out a few significant updates to Atlas, including upcoming changes to the Community forums, homepage search options, renaming tags to keywords, and some upgrades on the way.

Upcoming Changes to the Community Forums 

Below are a few changes we'll be making to our Community forums in September. We hope these changes make it easier for members to find and engage in meaningful conversations about community strategy and the Community product.  

  • We're creating a new forum, Community Strategy Discussions, where customers can ask questions and share insights about community strategy. 
  • We will also rename the Community Discussion forum to "Community Product Discussions" and that forum will become dedicated to questions and insights about the Khoros Community product.
  • We are also going to move strategy-related topics that are currently in the Community Discussions forum, to the new Community Strategy Discussions forum. 

Home Page Search Options

The search options of the homepage have been simplified to Posts, Places, Users. This is meant to streamline the search bar into more generalized buckets.



User-Generated Tags renamed Message Keywords

The Atlas community’s user-generated Tags have been renamed as ‘Keywords’ to increase the distinction between Labels and Tags and to avoid confusion within other features.  

To learn more about the relationship between labels and tags in a community, check out this article,Community Labels and Tags Strategy 



What’s Next?

We believe our efforts are moving towards the goal of an intuitive labeling system that will give users the keys to self-help on Atlas.

Here are some of the next steps to make browsing Atlas much more efficient:

  • Standardized Label sets for each discussion style to give consistency to content labels
  • Adding a definitive list of Khoros Products to the Atlas Product Associations to better categorize product integration.
  • Reworking the label cloud experience to help users quickly sort through available content topics.
  • Improved signposting in regards to solution areas.
  • Improved search filters experience.


Updates Made to Atlas in July


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Content Coordinator

Update: Our developers were able to fix a minor bug, giving us the okay to roll out these updates. Thank you for your patience

Honored Contributor

This is great stuff!

Question for you about the community discussion forums - I swear there used to be an area called "Strategy." Did that go away?

I'm also curious about the distinction between the "Support Forum", the "Customer Hub," and the newly renamed "Community Product Discussions." I believe that Product Discussions is public and the other two are customer-only, but the distinction is pretty subtle (and the public/private-ness of these areas isn't made clear).



@JamilaR could you please help answering this question?

Community Manager

Hi @CarolineS, thanks for your questions and feedback! 

Strategy areas
We had a Strategy category which we archived a few months ago due to inactivity. We hope that by creating a new customer strategy area in the Communities category, it will allow for more focused and engaging discussions. 
Different between the areas you mentioned:
  • The Customer Hub contains customer-specific areas that are not product specific, such as Customer Connection and the Customer blog. Customer Connection is a forum for customers to connect with each other and ask each other questions in a private area. 
  • The Support Forum is for product questions directed to our Support Team. This is a customer-only area so it’s ideal for customers who have product questions they don’t want to to ask publicly. 
  • The soon to be renamed Community Product Discussions forum is a public area where customers and registered users can ask product questions. Questions posted here are not directed specifically to our Support Team (like the forum) and may be answered by other members or Khoros staff.  
You’re right that the difference between public and customer areas isn’t easy to figure out unless you reference Customer Structure and Posting Guide. This is something our team is aware of and continues to try to improve through copy, design, and dev changes/updates. I’m going to connect with my team on ways we can make it clearer to members which forums are public and private. Any changes we will make related to this will be featured in @CoryD's Updates and Highlights blogs, but I'll also follow up with you here within the next few weeks. 
If you ever have any suggestions that can improve Atlas let us know in the Atlas ideas board.  
Thanks again for your feedback, Caroline! 
Honored Contributor

@JamilaR - thank you for the clarifications! Glad I wasn't dreaming that there used to be a Strategy area. :-). 

For the support forum - I actually didn't realize it was for questions for the support team. They aren't that active there, and the description just says "Can't find the answer your need in our documentation. The product support board is the place to go." - which isn't that clear. This seems like an area for improvement, both in support team involvement and in the words used to describe it.

Thanks again!

Community Manager

Thanks for your feedback about the support area, @CarolineS. We understand that there's room for improvement and it's something that our teams are actively working on. I'll share your feedback internally, thanks again! 

Community Manager

Hi @CarolineS, I wanted to follow up and let you know we just added signposting components, which are located on the bottom left corner. This is intended to better inform customers of which areas are public vs. customer only. You can learn more about this update, and more, at Updates to Atlas Aug-Sep 2020.  

Honored Contributor

Neat! This is an interesting customization!