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Accepted Solutions, are they harder to accept....?

Accepted Solutions, are they harder to accept....?



Is it just me or do we appear to have less solutions since the new community layout? I don't have access to any stats but I have noticed from reading almost all threads and boards that the number of threads with solutions seems less than we had in jan and feb...


it could be just me, but I thought I would ask and see if anyone else has noticed this, I know the button to accept a post as a solution is smaller and less obvious and wonder if this is the cause, don't get me wrong I'm not raising this because I want to get more solutions "that's not why I help" but I personally tend to look at solutions first when looking for answers and just wondering if this could impact any other newer users trying to find answers and without clear solutions there can be a lot of white noise "so to speak" making it harder to pin point the solution quickly. 


so, anyone noticed the same? 



Retired Community Manager

Hi Stephen, sorry about the delay in response! I hope you had a great Easter 🙂


I quickly looked at the metrics, and accepted solutions have actually increased since the redesign in early March compared to the previous month. I'm happy to look into how we can improve the display of the "accept as solution" button, which is currently quite large. I agree that right now it looks a bit more like a notification banner rather than a button. Let me know if you have any other suggestions, or if i didnt capture your concern correctly.



That's great news they are going up! As you say looks like a banner not a button however I must be in the minority as clearly users are using it and more than before which is cool 🙂
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