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Access to emojis!

Access to emojis!

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Would be great to have access to emojis directly from Lithium instead of always using external links which not always work....



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We have few emoji options in the community. It will be available in Rich Text Editor.Kindly contact Lithium support to enable in your community

Awesome, thanks 🙂



Khoros Alumni (Retired)


There's a few pros and cons to updating the built in emoticon picker versus relying on native support for an emoticon picker. You can find the arguments for both sides in the discussion "New Emoji Package". 🤔

Lithium Support can help you get the emoticon list in the editor menu updated, extended with new emoticon short codes or even shortened of needed. The need really depends on the nature and emoticon affinity of your community audience.


This is much appreciated, thank you 🙂


Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Resolved