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Add "Release Notes" menu item under "Communities" in main menu

Add "Release Notes" menu item under "Communities" in main menu

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The newly redesigned main menu in Atlas looks wonderful, but I would like to request that a Release Notes option be added under Communities to make it more intuitive on where to find them.

I came to Atlas today to find the 21.1 release notes (as our stage environment was just upgraded today) but struggled for a while to find where they were located.  I went to "Learning" and couldn't find a Release Notes sub-node, and only after a few minutes of browsing did my memory get jogged and I remembered that Release Notes have a dedicated blog in Atlas.  I was then able to find the board via Communities > Blogs in the main menu.

(I realize I could've searched for the release notes but I wanted to make sure I knew how to find the release notes by navigating as well.)

So if a "Release Notes" menu item were re-introduced under Communities in the main menu then I think that would make things a lot more intuitive for those (like myself) that forget or may not realize that the release notes are associated with a blog rather than a TKB.

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Delivered

Blogs area has been renamed "Release Notes and Announcements."