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Austin Community Board

Austin Community Board

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I note today that there is a an Austin Community board. I am guessing that you can only get into this board if you have a given role or permission. In view of this I am not sure of the benefit of it being visioble to all.


I would recomment hiding this board unless you have the appropriate permission, role or group. This board can be found here:

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@allensmith81 it's a private group, but you can send a request to join it. If it was hidden, no one would know it existence and therefore request to join !

I'm not from Austin, I can't tell you what it's in it ... 

Understand.. shame there is not a better way to manage it.. i.e. anyone who joins from the state of Texas gets in automatically.. The problem you have with segmenting groups like this is that convos that maybe of use to the wider community get locked into a specific region but I am sure it has a purpose.
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@allensmith81 technically, it's possible. But it would require some development! It won't be perfect either, thanks to the VPN.









check this out.





Hmm, bummer - I'm getting access denied with no way to request membership.

I'm downtown Austin and actually pass quite a few people each day wearing Spredfast shirts - would really like to be involved locally with some folks.

Community Administrator

Hi @deads 

That group has been archived already for a while due to the inactivity, so you can not access that node anymore.


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