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Did you know: Floating your favourite discussion styles

Did you know: Floating your favourite discussion styles

Float this item to the top.pngAs many of you know, the Lithium Platform has been around for quite a few years now and has lots of features. Sometimes, people tend to forget about features that are actually quite handy.  In this case, I wanted to call out a feature that has been in the platform for years but I had forgotten about it, mainly because I have worked on a lot of communities in recent years that have customized landing pages etc.


Did you know you can float a Discussion Style Node (Forum, Blog, TKB, Idea Exchange, Q&A, Contests and Groups)?


Simply browse to your favourite areas, go to the node level (e.g. board) options and choose “Float this item to the top”. This area will now appear at the top of your board listings.


Floated Nodes.png


To remove floated discussion styles, follow the same process. Go to the Options at the top of the page and the option will have changed to Unfloat this Item.


This purpose of this feature varies; for example, expert users may want their areas to reach product managers who would like to monitor their own areas of expertise among others.


Should you have any questions about this feature, please do not hesitate to ask. Additionally, please expound upon any frequently used features or features you feel are under-utilized. Would love to hear from you. 

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