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Improve Product Catalog and Search

Improve Product Catalog and Search

Product Search does not work for product names such as "FE 75-33-44"

  • because it requires 3 characters in the search string, and whitespace is ignored, the search fails at "FE "
  • because dashes/hyphens are ignored, the number sequence will fail as well

How to improve this:

  1. Have a <modelNumber> object in the XML. There is already a <manufacturer> why not have a part number as well. Include in the search.
  2. Have a <synonyms> object in the XML to list synonyms that should return this product in a search
  3. The <title> object is what should always be displayed to the user, regardless of how we are searching

There are some hacks to sort-of get around this, but they all result in showing the product to consumers in ways that denigrate the brand.