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List Users in Roles - Appears Broken (bad UI/UX)

List Users in Roles - Appears Broken (bad UI/UX)

Users > Permissions > Roles

Click on "list users" for a role, or on "edit role"

The list of users is drawn at the BOTTOM of the list of roles, with no indication that the user needs to scroll to see the content. If the list is drawn outside the bounds of the browser window the user will not see it. This makes the features appear to be broken. 


Haha. While you are 100% true, this is one of those bugs that after a decade is a full on feature. I don’t think I could train my brain to not immediately scroll down when doing role edits. Muscle memory is to strong on this.  😂


I'm excited for the day when UI/UX aspects like these that we've become content in dealing with are replaced with something more modern.