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Lookin' good, Lithosphere

Lookin' good, Lithosphere

Well done on the new look!


The homepage navigation is much clearer, and the new design feels fresh and true to the brand.Great job!



Woman Happy

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Breadcrumb appears a bit wonky:




It looks like there's a lot more "trail" in there than is necessary, and of course you cannot actually select the links that appear under "Community Display."



Retired Community Manager

Thanks @dementad!  we're looking into fixing the issue.


@Jasmin  thank you for the glowing review! It means alot (especially for me, coming from a fellow frenchie 😉 )


If we've managed to hook passionate people like you back in, then I believe we can call this a success. Looking forward to seeing more of you around the community. You can bug us anytime you like!


Have a great weekend,

Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Delivered