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Multi-Quote function at American Idol site

Multi-Quote function at American Idol site

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It was suggested to us posters at the official American Idol site, Community Forum, that if we wanted to see certain functions return, we should post it here. So here I am.


We would like to be able to quote multiple posts once again, as we used to be able to 2 years ago.


Thank you for your consideration of this request.


Another vote for multi-quote at American Idol.


Bring back multi quote pretty plese!

Retired Community Manager

Hi everyone, welcome to Lithosphere!


Unfortunately, this board is only meant to receive suggestions to improve the Lithosphere community specifically.


A multi quote feature would definitely be handy! We'd recommend reaching out to the American Idol community management team so they can consider the idea. If it is something they  wish could be implemented, they can then suggest an enhancement on our customer idea exchange.


Thanks & have a great week end!











Our forum users have requested the ability to quote multiple other users when they make their reply. Is this possible? We would love to see this as an available option. 

Status changed to: Resolved