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Participate in our Alpha Test: Connect to Klout

Participate in our Alpha Test: Connect to Klout

2014-12-02_2158.pngWe just launched an alpha functionality for highlighting influencers within the Lithium Community, and we’d love to get your feedback!


When you are logged in to our community, you’ll notice new components on the community, category, forum topic and profile pages that contain calls to action to connect your community profile to Klout.


Upon clicking Connect, you’ll be invited to join or login to Klout with your Facebook or Twitter account. Follow the instructions on screen to confirm your connected status.


Once your community profile is connected to Klout, a "Connected" status icon will display on your profile page, next to your username. Hovering over the icon will display your Klout score, as well as the networks you are active on. Please note that this user information will only display to other users who are logged in – it will not show to anonymous users.



If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to login to the community and join or login to Klout via the new components to start seeing your score and connected networks reflected in your community profile.


And if you ever decide you do not want to display all of your social network profiles, or want to disconnect your community profile from Klout, you can easily do so by login in to Klout and navigating to Settings > Networks


We look forward to your thoughts on this alpha functionality – and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!




The Klout confirmation popup should get some color changes though as it's currently text in light grey on white background Cat Sad


None of our community will be recognized by cloud yet, right? It's merely a reflection of our activity within the social sphere.

Snazzy little feature! Two thumbs up 😄
Retired Community Manager


Agreed @Claudius  I'll add this to our list of UI improvements. And yes that is correct, at this point in time community participation will not count towards the Klout score.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Resolved