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Registration process makes no sense?

Registration process makes no sense?

Unless we are missing it on our team, the registration process for Atlas is the most confusing ever. I've gone through this with 3 new folks who I have told to "Go register at Khoros" and they get lost.

1) A new user who has absolutely no idea what any of this is must first make a choice


2) Once they probably get to the "sign in" option they must make yet another choice, again, remember, this user has little to no idea what "Khoros" is


3) Okay, so clearly I am not marketing after trying all of that (Why is marketing the default/first choice?), so I finally choose "all other users" - Now I am stuck.  Why? Because there is still no "Registration" button..... Oh wait... it is truly there, it's just below the fold.... but you can't see that in my screenshot, just as nobody else would.



Thanks for attending my 8am Stan talk.


Sounds like some Khoros SSO love is needed here.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

Hey @stan, thanks for this. We actually are in the process of adjusting this user flow. We'll make sure we take your feedback into account during our adjustments. 👍

Khoros Staff

the biggest problem it's not logging you in via login once , also not provisioning your email. I was struggling several days until finally was able to log in.  Link to khoros email or login once would make life easier