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Share more company news...

Share more company news...

I follow lithium on almost all social platforms they are active "I'm just that sad" lol anyway I have noticed that you share some really good stuff on Facebook that never gets to the community and I would like to suggest that it's built into the community content calendar as I think plenty would benefit from it. 


For or example I have just noticed a post which talks about a lithium command centre, this is exciting stuff!!! Would it be possible to get maybe @MikeW or @DaveEv to do a blog update on what this is, how it uses big data,  what's possible and what it could potentially mean for other users? 


Retired Community Manager

Hi @Fellsteruk , thanks for the feedback and suggestion! There's definitely alot of great content being shared on our social channels, and several opportunities for us to promote content on community and provide more insights into specific pieces from the Lithium perspective. We're working closely with the social & content teams on a strategy to strike a good balance and make sure we have exclusive content for each channel, while also cross promoting across channels. Expect more content soon, and let us know if there are any other suggestions!

Cool thanks for the update! You know me lots of ideas, some good and some not so 🙂

Thanks again.
Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Delivered