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Show more replies per page

Show more replies per page

I dislike how often I have to use the pagination on Atlas. Seems like you could easily show more replies per page. We have something like 100 replies per page on our site on our community, and our pages still load plenty fast.


Community Manager
Status changed to: Investigating

Hey @CarolineS, we're going to start by setting it to 50 posts per page for now, just to see what the impact is like with load times, etc. 

Nice, thanks! I look forward to fewer clicks 😄

Community Manager

@CarolineS Quick update: we're going to leave the default at 50 for now.

You can always go into your profile settings to adjust for you personally under Preferences > Linear Layout > Posts per page when viewing a topic.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Is there a way to expand this manually? Just for Admins for example? We have over 500 on one thread!