Where is the customer Q&A in new Lithium Community

Where is the customer Q&A in new Lithium Community

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Where did the "Q&A" board actually go? I can't find it any more. By the nature of it I was looking for it in the "Knowledge & Support" category but nothing to be found. Has it been removed with the restructuring of Lithosphere to Lithium Community?

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Hey claudius, 


I think it has, I also couldn't find it following the re-structure. I am not 100% as my memory is shocking but i am sure i have seen some of the content from the "ask a question"  in other boards so i convinced myself the threads had been moved to other boards in the new structure.


When you "ask the community now, you're taken here: http://www.lithium.com/company/contact-us/ask-the-community rather than the widget.



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Hi @Claudius , @Fellsteruk  is correct - we did in fact do away with the Ask a Question Q&A board to replace it with two new public forums: Technology and Strategy & Best Practices, where Ask a Question content was migrated. We felt forums would be more intuitive and condusive to discussions.


Sorry about the confusion guys! We'll be posting an article shortly regarding the restructure to help people get situated.

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