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Where to ask questions about Klout?

Where to ask questions about Klout?

Just had a question about Klout, but can't find a space here on the LithosphereLithium Community to post it. I would appreciate any points since Bing didn't know anything about a Klout Community elsewhere either.


Thanks @wittier - If helpful, I'd be happy to send you that Klout network breakdown in spreadsheet form (let me know your preference on Excel or Google Sheets).


I think the team has already discussed most of what I've learned from that.  At present, I'd like to increase the % of Instagram in my Klout network breakdown, because I'm having the most success there in achieving '5 green dots' on my posted content.  Some of my clients have had Instagram percentages as high as 40-45% in Klout's network breakdown. 


That's interesting Michael.  @mjdwarner 


I haven't seen IG above 15%.  Do those clients have very limited activity on FB & TW, which seem to dominate for others?  What kind of Klout scores do those people have with IG so high?




I could view spreadsheet in either format. I admire your industriousness and persistene to capture and analyze this data weekly over along period.

I got a response from Klout which said that they knew about the problem and hoped to fix it some time but didn't know when. And they're so sorry. They didn't say why they hadn't replied at @kloutsupport.
Hi @mjdwarner I could use Excel or Google Sheets. I am impressed with the numbers you quote about Instagram. How'd they get such a high @ from IG? Klout seems to favor FB, then TW, then IG.
that is amazing that you are able to figure out everything in score dropped today because it appeared that my FB activity from yesterday was not recorded.

@msmir  I have seen where the FB or other platform data didn't post to KL for a day.  


Recently my IG got stalled once again.  

@wittier its not good because that is when it shows that Klout has lots of fixing up needed.

@msmir My IG was connected to KL but it wasn't posting actitvity for many days on my KL IG activity tab.


The solution (has worked twice for me) is:  

Log on to KL.

Disconnect IG.

Log OUT of KL.

Log IN to KL

Reconnect IG to KL

Wait up to 3 days.


(Note that it's not just disonnect/reconnect IG.  The log out and back in is important.)


I"m not suggesting this is your problem with FB today.  Some days the data from FB just doesn't show up.  Happened to me recently and I believe that is out of our control.  


KL is at the mercy of FB API and sometimes FB just doesn't deliver...or worse yet FB changes the rules, which KL has trouble with because it's hard to keep scores consistent when FB changes the data it's delivering.

@wittier thanks will give it a try.

Yess, KenDanieli, I agree, Facebook is the problem with Klout, as we have seen over and over.. They dont make it easy for them...