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Moderation in the Metaverse: What is the difference to "regular" Moderation

I just found this article about "moderation" in the Metaverse.

Over all it seems that like most spaces in the internet where people come together needs some kind of rules and moderation to establish a "culture".

So it is not much different from what we do today as CMs but it will be a lot more "direct"

" you are actually moderating the behavior  "and maybe the tools and processes are not (yet) the same: 

1. How do we detect misbehavior in the moment it happens (is is much different from the written, persistent content)

2. What tools can detect misbehavior especially for not written content. 

3. How can we onboard users to the community guidelines and rules and how can they be enforced. 

Just some questions that I had while reading the article....

In the article the moderator speaks about the "game" so I think we can learn a lot from games here. 



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