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Welcome to Community Innovation!

Khoros Staff

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Communities are at the heart of our lives, they shape us, they guide us and so we do what we can to best support each other within them. As technology evolves it gives us an opportunity to further support each other in new ways, be it in novel ways or in strengthening our common bonds across space and time. Our goal in this group is to focus on and discuss the technologies that have the power to empower our members and our communities. This is a safe space to challenge the status quo, to riff on ideas, share our experiments, challenges and successes. When it comes to the future there is one thing for certain, it’s more fun getting there together and it will take a community to make it happen.

Some of the key themes we are unpacking currently are metaverse and web3. Web3 and the next iteration of the internet have the potential to rewire what communities mean, how they operate, what they create together, so jumping into these conversations can help ground us in their relevance and their potential for our individual communities.

If you have questions about these technologies, want to share interesting articles, are curious about what others are up to or are looking to get feedback and support on your own experimentation, feel free to post in the forum! Let’s build together!

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Looking forward to in depth discussions in this space here and hope a lot of community peers will join!

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