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Getting Started with Khoros Flow

Get acquainted with Khoros Flow and learn how to get started
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Getting started with Flow means understanding some essential concepts that are used throughout the platform.  A flow is one specific part of the dialog you want to automate. For example, ordering a pizza or greeting a customer. Flow Basic Concepts To work with the flow, you need to understand the basic concepts.  Click on the following topics to read more:  Context  Branches  Natural Processing Language (NLP) Data Extraction Conditions Integrations  App Testing  Tip: You can also check out our 10-video onboarding video course. Flow Advanced Concepts  In order to create a flow, you need to understand some advanced concepts.  Click on the following topics to read more:  Conversational design Multi-language design String template  Fallback and handover   Groups Flows can be clustered together using groups. They make it easy to keep your project and design organized. Read more How To Structure Your Chatbot How to loop flows Send text vs. Trigger event How to duplicate flows How to jump to the middle of a flow
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by Khoros Staff Khoros Staff Aug 17, 2021
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