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2019.1 on the way!

Khoros Staff

Hey everyone,

Just letting you all know about our plans for 2019.1. Due to feedback from numerous customers, we have made two changes to our upgrade process:

  1. We are going to start doing our upgrades on Tuesdays. This will give customers time to test the changes before the weekend hits and most people end their work week.
  2. We are publishing our Release Notes as soon as they are ready. The release notes for 2019.1 can be found: here.

2019.1 is currently scheduled for upgrades on January 22nd (with data preview instances getting the same upgrade on the 15th). This will be a zero downtime (HAZDU) release, so you shouldn't notice that anything is happening until the upgrade is complete. We also have a few new features that you can read more about here:


p.s. You may see (after upgrade) that your site is running on version "2018.13." This is due to a quirk in our release system, and both "2019.1" and "2018.13" refer to the same version of the L-JX software.

Khoros Staff
Just a heads up...all data preview instances were successfully upgraded yesterday with no downtime. Patrick
Khoros Staff
All Production upgrades have now been completed successfully. Let us know if you have any questions, and have a great day!