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2019.7 Upgrades

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hello Everyone,

On Tuesday July 23rd we'll be working on upgrading all preview instances to 2019.7, with the production upgrades scheduled for Tuesday July 30th. These will be zero downtime (HAZDU) updates, so there should be no impact to your community's performance. Release notes are already published, and can be found at JX 2019.7 Release Notes . We're happy to highlight improved accessibility for your communities with this release, as we have added an audio listening option as an alternative to Image Captchas during account registration.

Please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns during the release process!


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Update on the timing of the upgrades - we've needed to push out the preview upgrades, so we now expect those to be complete by Tuesday July 30th.  The production upgrades will be the following week on Tuesday August 6th, to make sure everyone has a chance to work through any testing they need.

Occasional Advisor

Are the preview upgrades complete? Ours doesn't appear to have been upgraded yet.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@benfowler, I checked your site, and confirmed that the upgrade deployments went through on 07/30.  One easy check is to look for the Helpful/Not Helpful buttons at the bottom of Documents.  If they're there, then you're on the latest version.

If you've still got any concerns about this, feel free to send me a private message or open a Support case, and we can talk in more detail about what we're seeing on your community.

Occasional Advisor

Thanks, but that easy check you mentioned (which was the same one I tried last week) doesn't show. I still see the 5-star rating, not the helpful not helpful buttons in my preview instance. I also filed a case (00202788) on this. FYI. 

Also, the version numbers you guys are using are really confusing since they don't match what our instance shows. It would be a lot less confusing to use a version number that matches the actual version # indicated in the instance.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

All of the production upgrades to 2019.7 were successfully completed on August 6th.

As has been mentioned earlier in this thread, the version shown in the Admin Console will say 2018.19 rather than 2019.7.  This was due to limitations on changes we were able to make in the deployment pipeline while we are still sharing the data centers with Aurea, but we recognize that this is causing confusion to our customers.  We will be looking into changes we can make on the application side for our next release to ensure that our public naming scheme matches with the Admin Console version, to help everyone have confidence about what version their currently running.