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Lithium-JX Core Release Schedule

Khoros Staff

Hey everybody,

Thought I would just quickly update you with our plan for core releases of Lithium-JX moving forward. 

Cloud (2016.3.10.4 at present):

Our plan is to release updates to the Cloud platform on a quarterly cadence, with a new naming scheme that makes more sense. These releases will not have any new features in them, but will have bug fixes that are decided to be critical by the Engineering and Support teams. The first of these releases (2018.7) is tentatively scheduled for the end of July, pending our ability to release and upgrade Cloud instances on our own.


We do not plan to release any more versions of Hosted and On-Prem. We have just released 8.1.0 and 9.0.4 which have key security fixes and GDPR features, and our plan is to have those versions be our last for HOP. If customers are running into bugs on a HOP version, and the bug is considered to be business critical, we will try to fix the bug in the latest HOP release and assist in backporting to whatever version you are running.

Let me know if there are any questions about any of the above.

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Thank you @PatrickS!