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Lithy Awards are open to JX customers

Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

There are three (3!) days left You still have a week to submit your entry for the 2018 Lithy Awards. And yes, we encourage JX customers to craft a nomination! (Deadline was just extended to August 17.)

Take a look at the categories and see where your community might fit:

Digital All-Star
Recognizes a brand that creates consistent, frictionless customer experiences across digital touchpoints. Demonstrate how leveraging technology has powered a successful holistic approach to delivering world-class digital customer experiences.

Social Marketing Champion
Recognizes a social campaign that has successfully acquired customers, served customers and/or grew a customer base. Include the campaign goal, strategy, target audience, success metrics and the social technology that powered the campaign.

Social Support Champion
Recognizes a brand that has executed excellent social customer support at scale. Features the brands who are engaging customers quickly and at the customer’s desired time and place, and how social care teams have reduced service costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Digital Design Excellence
Recognizes a brand with the most impressive and engaging design on digital as well as a beautifully designed UI with consistency across devices and networks (could include website, community, social channels).

Surprise & Delight
Recognizes a brand that is just awesome on social media. Celebrates the brands that go the extra mile to ‘surprise and delight’ customers on social media and/or generate a positive impact on a local, national, or global level leveraging social media.

Support Savings Titan
Recognizes a brand that has best demonstrated significant bottom-line cost efficiencies and support savings for their business. Submissions should include the technology used and monetary savings for the organization.

Topline Titan
Recognizes a brand with the most impactful topline business results across social and digital platforms. This category requires the company to include metrics to showcase the results achieved. (e.g. ROI, sales revenue).

Regional Awards
All submitted entries will be automatically nominated for the Regional Star award. We will have one winner for North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

NEW IN 2018:

B2B Community Innovator 
B2C Community Innovator
Recognizes a B2C or B2B brand that is on the bleeding edge of offering rich, immersive, and inventive community experiences.

NEW IN 2018: Industry MVP

All submitted entries will be automatically nominated for the following industries: B2B and B2C Hi-Tech, FinServ, T&H, CSP. We will have one winner per category.

Not sure how to have the best chances to win? Take a look at a past winner's advice: 5 Top Tips to Winning a Lithy

Don't miss the deadline of August 10 -- we want to see you at the winner's circle in October!

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