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New cookie consent features coming in 2019.1

Khoros Staff
Khoros Staff

Hello everyone!
It is with great pleasure that I can announce some new features that will be in the forthcoming Cloud release 2019.1.

Decline and Close Functionality:

The first of which surrounds the experience in the application when an end user clicks the "Decline" button on the cookie consent banner. Here is a screenshot of the new configuration for that:Jive_Admin_Console___Cookie_Consent_Banner_Settings 2.png

You can now specify specialty text for a page that users get redirected to when they opt to Decline. When left with the default settings, the new page that a user gets redirected to will look like this:


Of course, you can change the wording with the Admin Console page, or even have it redirect to a different page of your own choosing. We feel that this is a much better end user experience than just leaving the user on a blank page when they opt out of the use of cookies.

Cookie Consent Statistics:

Starting after your site's upgrade to 2019.1, we will start tracking all the user clicks on the Cookie Consent banner. In the Admin Console, you will now be able to get statistics on what users are selecting in your site's banner:Jive_Admin_Console___Cookie_Consent_Statistics.png

 There is also a button to download the statistics in a csv file.

Cookie Consent Banner Theming:

We have also added the cookie consent banner to the theming tool!Selección_032.png

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about any of this new functionality!