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Community Operations Manager & Software Engineer roles at Dropbox

We're looking to fill two temporary full time roles at Dropbox to join our passionate and fun community team! 


CX Community Operations Manager

As a Community Operations Manager, your role will be to oversee the operations of the Dropbox user Community: compliance to processes related to moderation and day to day operations, monitoring of customer support delivery on the platform, management of the ambassador program, relationship with our vendor, escalation management, analytics & reporting, as well as general presence on the community to convey the overall sentiment of our users to the rest of the team. You will also dedicate a portion of your time to write compelling and clear content that helps customers understand and use Dropbox, engage users and create a sense of community between them.



Customer Experience (CX) Software Engineer

We are seeking a Software Engineer who will work closely with our Community Program Managers to deliver high quality improvements to our online community, ensure the platform is up to date and performing to an excellent standard, and manage any ad hoc bugs or outages on the community. Our main targets for the platform for the year is to improve the overall customer experience, navigation and UX/UI; structure our information in a user-friendly way; ensure performance optimization of the platform for SEO purposes; and bring the content discoverability (search, cross-pollination, etc.) on the Community to the next level.
In this role, you will be coached by a senior engineer, but you will be the only person in charge of the development of the Dropbox user forum.




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