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F5 is hiring an SDE III for our 19yr old community (3 months on Khoros).

The F5 DevCentral Community ( is an established online community looking for a SDE III who wants to support our efforts; extending Community as an Service focused on the value we provide to our Community Member and integrating these conversations across the F5 enterprise.

We are just getting started on Khoros and looking for a reliable and engaged developer who can lead the software forward in a flexible, scalable, and usable way.

We began mostly OOTB (Hermes Theme).
In the near-term we are just getting our feet wet with very minor customizations, extending into group hubs, and wanting to make some targeted UI/UX enhancements.

In the medium term I want to get closely integrated with GitHub, Syndicate our content into F5's other SaaS platforms, and in the long-term put at (or near) the middle of the customer journey for Product, Support, (and to an extent Sales & Marketing).

A couple ways to get started

While this is currently listed as Hyderabad I think we all recognize just how remote everyone is these days - so don't let that put you off. If you are the right candidate there is a chance we will be able to work something out.

You and I will be working closely for the foreseeable future to make DevCentral ( stand out in the Application Networking, Application Delivery, Security, and Distributed Cloud space.

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