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Hi everyone,

I am a seasoned community professional with experience managing community operations, development, customer programs, and more. I have been using the Khoros Community platform since 2014 and have been in the super user program here since 2016. I am open to various community roles, but I especially like focusing on operations and development. 

Please check out my LinkedIn profile and feel free to connect!


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
Connect on LinkedIn

+1 for @lilim. She's incredibly talented. Hiring her is like winning the community talent lottery.

I'm also on the hunt for a new role. I've held executive leadership roles across community, customer experience, social, learning, enablement, support, and advocacy. I'm looking to join an organization where I can have a large, transformational impact and build something truly great. 

Kudos to @BrianOblinger @lilim who are both seasoned professionals worthy of hiring!

I recently joined the free agent market and looking for leadership roles where I can help unlock the value of community and become a brand ambassador to drive a great customer experience!

Been building, scaling and transforming communities since 2008 with HP and more recently with Domo since 2015.

My LinkedIn profile is here:

You can also view my talk on gamification at Khoros engage here:






I am a seasoned marketer who is well versed in both digital and print disciplines while also possessing a keen understanding of marketing operations.  Ideally, I am looking for a position that will embrace my 360 view of marketing with a company that embraces and shares my passion for digital marketing.  Please find me on LinkedIn at or see my attached resume if you may know of something or wish to discuss opportunities.

Hi everyone,

I have over 8 years of Sales, Customer Relations, and Marketing experience. For the past 5 years I have been working on managing community operations, development, engagement, and more. I have been using Khoros since 2018 and have received both the Khoros Community Manager and Moderator certifications. 

I am open to various community roles, but I am especially interested in developing community engagement programs to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and increase customer loyalty and retention.

Please check out my LinkedIn Profile and feel free to connect! 

Chris Shernaman | Community Program Manager

Hello! I have managed communities and platforms supporting communities now for 7 years. Have been working for 12 years and have been a manager for 4 of those years.

I have a background in medical and SaaS platforms specifically cyber security. I have been fortunate enough to win a Khoros Kudos award along with another award on a competitive platform from Khoros with the help and collaboration of teammates. 

I am looking for another position where I can help make another community successful!


After a decade of enriching experience in online community management, specializing in Khoros, I am eager to embark on new challenges. As a Technical Lead, I excel in Khoros Studio and Admin roles, holding certifications as a Khoros Developer and Community Manager. 

I take pride in my active participation within the Khoros community, where I've not only contributed significantly but also earned a distinguished rank, showcasing my dedication and expertise. You can explore my impactful contributions and endorsements on my Khoros profile here.

Experience Highlights:

  • Khoros Expertise: Proficient in Khoros Studio and Admin functions, with a focus on optimizing community engagement.
  • Innovative Integration: Skilled in developing custom integrations between Khoros and platforms like Salesforce, Jira, Slack, and more, enhancing user experience and community value.
  • Migration Success: Led seamless migrations across platforms including Khoros-Vanilla, Khoros-Higherlogic, and Khoros-Gainsight.

Technical Skills: Proficient in ReactJS, ES6, HTML5, CSS3, GraphQL, and Freemarker

I am eager to leverage my skills to drive community success and deliver innovative solutions. Let's connect and explore how I can contribute to your team! 🚀

If intersted, please DM or reach me out on Linkedin

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