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Hiring Two Community Developers (II and III)

F5 is building a dedicated community development team.

The F5 DevCentral Community ( is an established online community looking for two US-based devs to help extend our Community as a Service model providing value to our Community Members and integrating conversations across the F5 enterprise.

We are just getting started on Khoros and looking for reliable and engaged developers who can lead the software forward in a flexible, scalable, and usable way.

To act on this opportunity you may...

Some more interesting(?) details

We have begun with Khoros on a mostly OOTB (Hermes Theme) implementation.
In the near-term we are looking at some minor customizations and pivoting over to Aurora asap. This will set us up for the medium term goals of becoming integrated with GitHub, and syndicating our content into other F5 SaaS platforms. Then, in the long-term we want to solidify as a proper hub for the entire customer journey through Learning, Adopting, Deploying, Securing, & Optimizing our products alongside the rest of a customers' infrastructure.

I am the Technical Program Manager - working under a Director Of Community, accountable for the success of the platform at F5. While I report through the marketing organization; my KPI's support every organization in F5 (Product, Support, Marketing, and Sales). You will be working in our Technology Services department with an offshore SDET but we will be working closely, in a small agile team, to make DevCentral ( stand out and serve the needs of our membership, our industry, and our company.


Lief Zimmerman

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Hi Lief,
If you are still on the lookout for someone I would be interested in this position, as I am an experienced Khoros developer and what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,