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Wanna be the Community Manager of a thriving Customer Base in a brand-new Khoros Community?

I am on the look-out for our new, and first ever, Community Manager at Lansweeper! Reach out to me with any questions about the position and/or the Company.

I've got a full-time position to work mainly remotely, or in a hybrid mode, as you wish (we are very flexible) - based on either UK, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, USA or Canada. We're open to hire you as a freelance if you are located in any other European country as well.)

It's truly an exciting opportunity for you to use your leadership skills to make our new, Khoros-based Community GROW and IMPACT, contribute directly and strongly on the Community Engagement Plan, engage with important stakeholders and constantly implement improvements! 🙂

  • About Lansweeper:

 Know your IT! With this slogan Lansweeper has been opening the doors to over 25.000 companies worldwide in order to help them understand their IT estate using Lansweeper’s state of the art, agentless Discovery and Inventory technology. Lansweeper is leading the charge to redefine the ITAM category by focusing on an IT asset Inventory that is complete, easy to set up and maintain and interoperable. We break free from the specific use cases for which these inventories were traditionally build and by specializing in one area of the complex ITAM challenge we can offer a platform on which partners and customers alike can build with unparalleled efficiency. 

Lansweeper’s sustainable yet ambitious growth, a staggering 45% year over year, is driven by onboarding 250 new customers every month, while 94% of existing customers renew their license every year. This growth is driven by our energetic teams in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, UK, Canada and the USA, currently just over 250 strong. Our high-performance/high-reward culture emphasizes improvement and progress. Under the "work hard, play hard" motto we want employees to grow professionally through ongoing learning and taking on new challenges. 

  • About the Community Manager role:

Please read the full job description here.

As our first ever Community Manager, you will play an instrumental role in developing and growing our brand-new Lansweeper Community. Your role will be critical to ensure that we have our cross-departmental Community Engagement roadmap aligned and executed upon.

This role will serve as the point of contact for our growing community of customers, potential customers, partners and any other new audience that will come with our future offerings and products.

The activities and responsibilities will be ever-changing according to the development of the new Community and its arising needs. We’ve got an exciting opportunity to use your creativity to grow the Community almost from scratch and define what its future will look like.

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