Instagram Messaging: Access Controls

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Facebook recently rolled out a new setting to all Instagram users that could potentially impact their ability to manage IG direct messages through Khoros. 

Starting 2/24/21, Instagram will release a pop-up to native app users for your account, prompting them to check your Instagram app settings and choose whether or not to allow access to messages to professional tools, which includes allowing Khoros access. 

If you wish to continue accessing IG messages on Khoros, the setting to allow access for professional tools must remain ON. Because you are already onboarded to Instagram Direct with Khoros, the default setting is ON, but you may want to check your settings to be sure. 

IMPORTANT: If one of your users with access to your native Instagram account chooses to turn the setting to OFF, Khoros will no longer be able to receive IG messages via the API, and you will not be able to manage IG messages via Khoros until it is toggled back to ON. 

Please use the below screenshots as instructions on the control setting, and let us know if you have any questions about or difficulties addressing it. 

  • Below is a screenshot of the screen the first user to open your app natively after the 2/24  roll out will see. The user should choose “Allow Access” in order to continue to access IG messages on Khoros’ platform:


  • To continue to receive messages via Khoros, please make sure the toggle to “Allow Access to Messages” under “Connected tool” is turned on. 


 Thank you,